Fomusa Consulting Services
Fomusa Consulting Services


Take advantage of FCS task management. We can consolidate tasks and create time to allow for optimal productivity within your business. FCS will establish a streamlined and accurate operation for employees by implementing a solid workflow design. Let FCS write small programs called macros and scripts to automate the repetitive work done by employees. This allows for hours of measurable time savings. Office suites that can be custom programmed include; Apple, Microsoft, Open Office and Libre Office. Languages used can include VBA, C#, Java and Python.

FCS can also use program scripts to do maintenance, logon-on/off events, backups and system alerts. Languages can include VB, C#, VB Script and JavaScript, among others. The software development designs work across all networking platforms and will open a broad range of office suite capabilities.

FCS can tailor custom programs and micros
to get the most out of your software products.